Intuitive Query Designer
for SQL and Excel data sources
Releases :

Release 2.2 (13-05-2011)
Features :
- Possibility to run in silent mode with argument \r:+FilePath
Import/Export CSV files

Release 2.1 (15-04-2011)
Features :
- Migration to the framework 4.0
- New design of the user interface

Release 2.0 (24-01-2011)
Features :
- Connector SAP for accessing SAP tables
- New version of the connector to MS-Access
- New database connector on Advantage Database Server
- Previous datatables can be used as parameters through the syntax @Table[Index].Column

Issues :
- Correction of the SQLInsert script for SQLServer 2005
- Correction of the SQLInsert script for empty tables
- Correction of the SQLInsert script for decimal

Release 1.5 (26-10-2010)
Features :
- Integration of the schema definition into the xml output
- Extended instruction "ImportXML" : to import an XML file
- Extended instruction "ColumnRemove" : to remove a column from an in-memory table
- Extended instruction "ColumnRename" : to rename a column into an in-memory table
- Extended instruction "ConnectDB" : to switch the current DB connection
- Extended instruction "TableHide" : to remove the table from the scritp output
- Extended instruction "SQLInsert" : to insert a table into a SQL table
- Possibility to comment the extended instructions by adding the comment mark "--" before the instruction

Release 1.4 (21-09-2010)
Features :
- Depending on the database, the procedures can be edited directly
- Dataview window accessible from the metadata
- Filter row within the metadata tree
- Scripts can be runned directly from the library tree
- When running a script from the library, only the results table is shown
- Differents options added
- Designer window separated from the script main window. Now, the designer popups up on request.

Issues :
- Improved management of the layout version of the script designer
- Modification of some icons
- Correction of the SID source in Oracle connector
- Corrected : Bug in the dataview when the script cannot be executed

Release 1.3 (23-10-2010)
Features :
- Scripts runned into a working threaded to keep the interface responsive
- An option dialog-box has been added to configure the behaviour of the script engine
- A library control has been added to store scripts

Issues :
- Export to excel corrected. Export up to 64k lines

Release 1.2 (15-07-2010)
Features :
- Relooking of the user interface : MDI interface
- The script engine is now asynchrone

Release 1.1 (01-06-2010)
- Import/Export of Excel data

Release 1.0 (11-04-2010)
- Release of the first version of ABIS-Query


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